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I'm Amanda.

I'm an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, running coach, yoga instructor, and fitness ambassador. On Monday, April 17th, 2017, I ran the 121st Boston Marathon as an elite qualifier... and also being 3 months pregnant.

Currently, I'm a new mom to a beautiful baby boy named Riley James, and staying as active and fit as I can!

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. I'm an elite athlete who was also preggo and now postpartum. And I'm so glad you're here because my mission with RUN BABY RUN is to break the stigma surrounding pregnancy and athletic performance. To provide a real-deal resource, no bullshit, for other women who want to perform their best while also realizing their dreams for a family.

When my husband (who is also an elite athlete) and I first started trying to get pregnant, I quickly discovered how few resources there are out there for women who are athletes and aspiring moms. Even "scheduling" our pregnancy was tough as we tried to fit it in between the Olympic Trials and the Boston Marathon. (Guess what? We weren't successful...turns out you can't schedule that kind of thing!) I wanted to know how to adjust my training, what to eat, what to wear, and how to deal with a million new hormones and scary changes taking over a body with which I'm usually so in tune. But the information was nowhere to be found. What I did find were articles that were super clinical and risk-averse (like, okay, "Don't run for nine months." Um, not an option). Or it was all "rah rah our bodies are amazing vessels for childbirth" when I felt like mine was betraying me in every way possible. I just wanted someone to be real with me.

So here I am being real with YOU. Here's what you can expect from RUN BABY RUN:

  • A daily diary so you can peek at my workouts, nutrition, apparel, how the heck I'm feeling, etc.
  • Yummy and filling recipes that you can make on-the-go, specifically designed to fuel you as a growing athlete and as a growing mama.
  • Additional tips and resources from my fabulous team of contributors, on topics from nutrition to cross-training to relationships and more.
  • ...and many more additional features to come.

I hope you'll join me for this 40-week journey through baby...and beyond!



PS - Follow me on Instagram @AmandaRunsBoston for regular updates!


THREE Nurses ran the Boston Marathon in 2017!

THREE Nurses ran the Boston Marathon in 2017!