Must-Have Mondays: Emma Woodward's essentials for expecting moms

You asked and we heard you: “what are your favorite pregnancy products??” So every Monday, we’re going to feature favorite finds from one of our RUNBABYRUN contributors and friends. Check back weekly for Must-Have Mondays and more great products!

Emma Woodward

Emma Woodward

Emma Woodward is a wife, mother to Harrison (3) and step-mom to Ellie (11). She is the Marketing Director at Mindful Body Yoga. Emma found her community after joining the Heartbreakers Running Team. Emma claims, "Running gave me a piece of myself back, having been a stay-at-home mom for the first 3 years of my son's life." Running helped her combat postpartum anxiety. Emma is currently training for the 2017 Chicago Marathon. 




Full-Panel Maternity Jeans

I really liked the full-panel pants because it's a one-time pants purchase and as my belly got bigger I didn't have to buy another pair of maternity pants. I Went to A Pea in the Pod and splurged on a pair of Joes Jeans. But, for some cheaper options, hit up Old Navy and Target. 

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Feel-Good Mani/Pedis

During pregnancy, you're not always feeling your best. So, give yourself that TLC and pampering you need to feel great! Mani/Pedis always do the trick! Choose a clean, well-ventilated salon that sterilizes all their tools. Ask if they carry nail polishes that are pregnancy-safe (they need to be "3-free," meaning they don’t contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene or formaldehyde. Pro Tip: Make an appointment at less crowded times of the day and bonus if they give you a back massage as part of the treatment!

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The Hospital Bag

There are so many lists of what to pack online! Just remember what you bring in you have to carry out and then some. The hospital sends you home with so much stuff plus what ever else people bring when they some to see you. My advice: Pack like you are going away for the weekend. FOR YOU: Pack clothes, phone charger, a good camera & charger, toiletries. Give your spouse or friend a list of people to call/text once the baby is here so that is off your plate. Pack your favorite pair of maternity yoga pants or pjs and a super comfy top, nursing bras (if you choose to breastfeed), a few pairs of what feels like the world's largest pair of underwear and soft socks. Also, splurge and treat yourself to nice shower toiletries. That first shower after delivery will literally be the best shower of your life. FOR BABY: Pack one newborn outfit and one 0-3 month outfit for going home. A blanket to cover him/her with if it's chilly when you leave the hospital. And thats really all the baby needs. The hospital has swaddle blankets, and half onesies and plenty of diapers. 

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