Must-Have Mondays: Elizabeth Hartke's essentials for expecting moms

You asked and we heard you: “what are your favorite pregnancy products??” So every Monday, we’re going to feature favorite finds from one of our RUNBABYRUN contributors and friends. Check back weekly for Must-Have Mondays and more great products!

Elizabeth Hartke

Elizabeth Hartke is - first and foremost - the mom to two beautiful babies under two, enjoying the wild ride with her handsome husband Michael by her side. As a full-time Lifestyle & Beachbody Coach, Elizabeth is in on a mission to help busy women get fit, gain confidence and build their own successful businesses from home that help them find the freedom that they dream of! She has turned her passion for entrepreneurship into a business that allowed both she and her husband to retire from the corporate rat race before thirty and travel the world as a family. Connect with her on, her Facebook page and watch her hilarious IG stories at @ElizHartke. Reach out, she's dying to hear from you and to help you live your dream life!

Beyond the Bump Maternity Yoga Pants 

They are really comfortable on a growing bump and they feel like butter on the skin!

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Sea Bands

For many pregnant women, morning sickness isn’t just confined to the morning. In some cases it can last all day – and range from feeling nauseous to regular vomiting. If you are suffering morning sickness or pregnancy sickness, Sea-Bands may help to reduce feelings of nausea and can help reduce vomiting too! They worked for me!

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When I was unable to keep down most nutritious foods, my doctor suggested I drink a Shakeology shake daily in place of prenatal vitamins. These healthy shakes were Godsent for eating healthy even when I wanted to barf! It has been a staple in my post-pregnancy diet, too! These shakes are awesome to increase milk supply!

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HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing

I love this book; it's a great way to learn about natural childbirth and helped me prepare for the process!

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"My Pillow" Total Body Maternity Pillow

A good full-body pillow during pregnancy is imperative! This pillow provides the perfect belly, pelvic and lumbar support. Place it between the knees while sleeping on your side. It's machine washable, too!

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Beachbody All Access

It's the Netflix of workouts. So, on the days I was up for it I could crush a high intensity workout, but when I needed something more restorative I'd do the prenatal workouts or yoga. Plus, there are modifications for all the workouts. These workouts have been amazing postpartum, too!

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Charcoal face wash

Great, all natural way to wash my face during pregnancy and fight the hormonal breakouts. Unclog pores with the help of a face mask such as Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask ($17 for 1.7 oz; Rinse off after ten minutes, then apply your favorite night cream.

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Epsom Salt Baths

Many runners use Epsom Salts post-race to aid sore muscles, but it's also an effective and safe remedy for pregnancy aches and pains and provides a bit of relaxation.

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The "calm" app

This easy-to-use app provides guided meditations, sleepy time stories, and mindfulness tips to reduce anxiety, help you sleep better and feel happier! 

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Ease magnesium spray

Magnesium is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for relaxing sore muscles, cramps, spasms, and restless legs syndrome. This spray completely eliminated my leg cramps during pregnancy. Ease magnesium spray also aids headaches and migraines, and provides relaxation for better sleep.

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