Must-Have Mondays: Cassie Burke Martinson's essentials for expecting moms

You asked and we heard you: “what are your favorite pregnancy products??” So every Monday, we’re going to feature favorite finds from one of our RUNBABYRUN contributors and friends. Check back weekly for Must-Have Mondays and more great products!

Cassie Burke Martinson


Cassie is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer on Boston's South Shore. She loves to be involved in the community as a dancer, teacher, student and instructor. She is a Lululemon Ambassador and Pound ICON (Master Instructor). She is also pregnant with her first child, due this fall! She has shared with us her must-haves for a fit mom-to-be who is also on-the-go!

Belly Bandit

Around week 20 I began to get some cramping and a very uncomfortable pain in my right lower abdomen. Come to find out, it was Round Ligament Pain from all the typical stretching, coughing from allergies, and exercising I was doing. The Belly Bandit came to save the day! It allowed me to keep teaching my group fitness classes and working out myself, while helping support my growing bump and decreasing the uncomfortable cramping and pain I was getting.

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Electrolyte Water and Snacks on the Go

As someone who is on her feet all day long, I have found that drinking enough water and eating enough of the right foods can be tricky. I was getting dizzy and nauseous very easily and getting Braxton Hicks Contractions. I started carrying snacks (natural protein bars, almonds, dried fruit, etc) with me at all times. The only way for me to not get dizzy is by drinking electrolyte water throughout the day. I buy 1L waters and drink 2 a day. If I find I still start to become dizzy, I add a little Gatorade to the water for an extra boost.

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Large Pillow

Sleeping wouldn’t be possible for me without an extra pillow between my legs! You can buy the maternity body pillow designed for side sleeping that can wrap around your whole body, or do what I did and simply get a large regular pillow and put it between your knees to help you sleep with ease.

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