Must-Have Mondays: Lindsay's essentials for expecting moms

You asked and we heard you: “what are your favorite pregnancy products??” So every Monday, we’re going to feature favorite finds from one of our RUNBABYRUN contributors and friends. Check back weekly for Must-Have Mondays and more great products!

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Lindsay Sgambelluri

Lindsay Sgambelluri is 27 weeks pregnant with a little girl due October 25th! She and her husband, Kevin are over the moon as this is their first child. She has lived in San Diego, CA for the last 14 years and works in the wine industry. She absolutely loves her job and the flexibility it allows, especially for keeping fit while pregnant! Her favorite things to do are November Project, yoga and bootcamps!  She loves to walk San Diego's amazing beach trails, take prenatal pilates classes and also does lots of squats at home ('to keep her booty tight and legs strong')! At the end of her 2nd trimester, this is the best she has felt so far, and is looking forward to this journey with her husband!

Your tribe of females! 

There isn't a more profound time to have strong, encouraging, brave, honest women in your life. Whether it be your mom, sister, or your gaggle of girlfriends.  For me, this has been my most important must-have.  A handful supply of women at my fingertips to answer the most basic, to most complex questions.  No topic has been off limits, and it's really helped me to work through my emotional, physical and spiritual state.  Every one of these women have had different experiences, and to hear their stories has helped me relate to my own.  


There are countless books our there that describe in details what it's like to be pregnant, but here are my absolute favorites: "What to Expect When You're Expecting," this is like the pregnancy bible, and if you are interested in ready every tiny detail, week by week, then this book is for you.  I like to use it more as a quick reference because it not only shares the good, but it informs you of some of the hardships of pregnancy as well, and sometimes those details can stress you out and scare you.  Also, "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy." Not written by a doctor, but a mother of 4 who describes her own experiences, and consults her girlfriends opinions and experiences as well.  This book dives into the nitty gritty details of pregnancy, and written as if your grabbing coffee or cocktails with your girlfriends.  Lastly, and probably my most favorite, "The Mindful Mom to Be." Written by a doula and family counselor, this book dives into a more spiritual aspect of pregnancy even if you've never done a yoga or meditation class in your life.  So relatable with gentle questions like, "What do you need for self-love today?" It really spoke to me in, what I felt, was the most sincere way.  You can find all of these books on Amazon!

Skincare routine!

I'm a huge fan of hormones, said no one ever.  During the beginning of my pregnancy, my skin went wacky, and hit me like a ton of bricks.  Not cystic acne or anything too extreme, but I did have my fair share of breakouts, out of nowhere.  My girlfriend, Dr. Zoe Rafaat of Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine, saved the day and put me on a regime that has since helped my skin shine! She is mindful of all products used, and being a mom herself, Dr. Zoe swears by these products and now, I'm a firm believer in them, and my skin has never looked better! One of my all time favorite products, and not just during pregnancy is the Alba Botanica line. All natural ingredients, doesn't get sticky and smells delish.  My favorite is the Hawaiian Cocoa Butter Lotion and the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil.  You're going to love these - thank me later!  

Preggy Pops

These lozenges helped with my morning sickness, but let's face it, for me, it was all damn day.  These little suckers (literally) were in my purse, work bag, car, and husband's pockets. Preggy Pops really did the trick!

Physical Activity... Of YOUR choice! 

Keep your body moving- whatever is speaking to you, do it! For me, it's been walking, pilates, barre and yoga.  I do miss a good sweat, but getting up and getting out is half the battle.  I'm grateful for my ClassPass because it allows me to maintain different styles of workouts, at a very reasonable cost.  Check out their app to see if your city has it! 

Taco Bell

No judgement please, but there is something to say about a double decker being available anytime of the day when you need it most, and who isn't thankful for a drive-thru when you're pregnant! 

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