A coach for a coach!

Last month I made a big decision for myself: I hired a running coach for ME! For a while now I have admired Kaitlin Gregg Goodman - as a runner and a coach. After getting to know her better last summer at the Beach to Beacon 10K (and watching her crush it, coming in 7th!), I felt like I could connect with her as my coach - and could learn a lot from her too. She was an all-star collegiate runner, and has qualified for the Olympic Trials not just in the marathon, but also in the 5000m and 10000m races (wow!). Super psyched to have made this decision, and to really work towards my goals with her!

Now, you may be thinking, “why does a running coach need her own coach?” Well, just like how I learned in social work school that a therapist should always have their own therapist, coaches need coaches, too!

It took me a while to pull the trigger. I think I had been so preoccupied with training my own clients, I had lost track of my own training. I had gotten lazy when it comes to workouts, and I new it was time for a re-vamp in my training! But here’s why I did it:

1) The 2020 Olympic Trials are approaching and I want to be in tip top shape. If I ever had a time to go for that sub- 2:40 goal it’s now.

2) My 5K (17:20), 10K (36:40) and Half (1:17:50) times could use improvements! I know that I need help to carefully construct a plan that will help me achieve shorter faster times while not getting burnt out for marathon training - Feb 29 OTQ is the ultimate goal race.

3) It’s probably no surprise to you that we want Riley to have a sibling… so before we do that I am taking these next 7 months in my life as a time to work towards PRs before we get pregnant again. Not that this is the last opportunity… but it is, for a little while at least.

4) I need someone to hold me accountable (most of us do!). To motivate me to push that extra lap and give me workouts that are exciting and new.

5) As a newly minted Adidas athlete, I want to represent the brand with my best running this year. I want to show other moms that they can achieve new PRs post-baby too, and make time in their busy schedules to still dream big when it comes to running/fitness.

Needless to say, it’s been an absolute blast so far. One month in and I can already see a difference in my running. Next stop: Yankee Homecoming 10-Miler on July 30th! Hoping to improve my time of 59:48 from last year!